A new generation of infrastructure for the web

KALEAO solutions for web workloads deliver the best ARM power efficiency and cost optimization together with agility and automaton needed to obtain cost and operational leadership.

The Kaleao advantage









Providers of web hosting and web organizations face high competitive pressure that forces them to deliver more services keeping costs at bay. Customers demand more speed, more security, lower prices and innovative services or superior support have become paramount to differentiate from competitors and sustain revenue.


In this market, it is hence important to procure an IT infrastructure which helps reducing costs, streamline operations and simplify IT in order to stay competitive and free up expert resources for value creation like span/fraud/abuse containment, new services development, process automation, user empowerment…


It is also critical for the web players to own the right IT infrastructure that underpins growth, with the ability to quickly move to hyperscale models that guarantee a more effective and efficient ways to face large scale.


Web solved!


KALEAO solutions for web include both low power ARM servers and ARM based web scale appliances. They are an order of magnitude more efficient and dense than any other server solution and they contribute to save at least 50% on CAPEX. They support the broader Linux environment with a vast selection of middleware and applications made for web hosting, e-commerce and delivering web service.

KALEAO KMAX systems are “true” converged, meaning that each of them can be indistinctively used for compute, storage or network server. Storage and network are hardware defined but software controlled, keeping bare bone speed and hyperconverged flexibility.
KMAX appliance has the additional advantage to natively integrate a lightweight type-1 hypervisor, an embedded open stack controller and a wide range of web services ready for fast deployment across the infrastructure. KMAX appliance helps increasing resource optimization, ease of scalability and IT flexibility.

This all in all means less costs but also more productivity and more business effectiveness, when key resources do not need to spend all time extinguishing fires but they can dedicate their skills to value creating activities.
Kaleao introduces a new generation of solutions for:
  • Hosting of static web pages (html) and dynamic web pages (ajax, java, php, asp, json…)
  • Content delivery, web caching, search and social media workloads
  • Typical APM (apache php mysql) implementations
  • Web apps
  • Distributed intelligent storage