The best engine for web scale cloud

KALEAO solution for cloud workloads is a smart infrastructure to deliver cloud services either privately within the enterprise or on the public Internet, in the most effective and efficient way.

The Kaleao advantage









Cloud services adoption is growing steadily and the cloud infrastructure demands more efficiency,

scalability, flexibility while customers ask providers to ensure availability, security/privacy and quality of service.


Also, users and providers require a simpler path to cloud that significantly reduces TCO, while optimizing deployment time and simplify management.


One important aspect in cloud computing is the ability to scale keeping control over energy consumption, space occupied and costs, maintaining flexibility and manageability. 


In a very fast and competitive market that quickly commoditizes products, price pressure is transferred to cost reduction and broad competition to creation of new value adding services and differentiators.


One way to win these challenges is leveraging efficiency and innovation to breakthrough current limits and reach higher standards and better results.


An effective approach


KALEAO solutions for cloud allow:


  • Delivering IaaS and PaaS services at the lowest cost per core and per TB of storage
  • Delivering compute cores with low or no CPU and memory oversubscription
  • Bare metal delivery without sacrificing the flexibility and management capabilities offered by virtualization
  • Limiting the cost of all flash storage and hence building competitive offers of high performing storage
  • Leveraging hyperconverged functionality without paying the performance toll of too many software layers
  • Maintaining performance and manageability at large scale
  • Using full hardware-level independence and non-blocking operation between applications on each server to increase security and remove contention of the execution environments
  • Benefiting from the cost advantages of low power and high density
  • Leveraging the plug and play features and appliance level simplicity in the delivery of web-application and service management to build private cloud easily and cheaply
  • Leveraging an embedded Open Stack installation integrated with a comprehensive UI or exposed to external world through APIs for easy integration with 3rd party applications

Deliver cloud services in the most efficient way

Propelled by an ever growing demand and a billion size user base, the new generation of ARM processors coming from the mobile market leapfrogged in terms of performance and efficiency.

KALEAO envisioned a hardware and software architecture to release the first ARM based converged class of systems, bringing a measurable advancement in energy efficiency, space rationalization and cost optimization in cloud datacenters.


KALEAO systems seamlessly integrate hardware and software, leveraging features like dynamic definition of hardware resources, true convergence, all flash storage and a lightweight virtualization platform to obtain solutions able to provide more performance, capacity and bandwidth per dollar spent. They also leverage technology and architecture to allow bare metal or limited oversubscription IaaS and PaaS delivery.

This together with large network bandwidth availability and record breaking IOPS helps to improve quality of service for users and return on investment for providers.


KALEAO platform also provides hyperconverged and orchestration functionality, to efficiency implement, deliver and manage cloud services, without incurring the typical virtualization compromise between agility and performance.

KALEAO solutions break through the limits of commodity hardware hyperconverged systems, ensuring more performance and efficiency also at large scale. Thanks to an innovative approach to convergence, KALEAO solutions offer a simplified “building block” approach to cloud, ideal for providers and IT organizations looking to lower the overhead of deploying and scaling cloud-like infrastructure.


Security is increased with the data segregation allowed by the definition of resources at hardware level. The KALEAO architecture offers setting for full hardware-level independence and non-blocking operation between applications on each server.


KALEAO solutions ensure full compatibility with all applications running on Linux environments.


KALEAO systems can also be delivered as appliances that include virtualization, Open Stack embedded integration and an integrated cloud environment that provides automation, orchestration and control, plus a wealth of application to improve business and IT productivity.


The result of all of the above is an unparalleled cloud datacenter rationalization that enables best in class cost/performance and watt/performance to deliver cloud and web services in the most efficient and effective way.