Enterprise IT the smartest way

Whether you need to adopt web scale technologies, private cloud or simply look for more efficient ways to manage your productivity and web applications, Kaleao offers advanced and innovative solutions for enterprise IT.

The Kaleao advantage








A growing number of enterprises relies on IT as a source of competitive advantage, but IT budgets rarely, if ever, keep pace with increasing business demands. To do more with less is always a top IT goal in organizations. Despite constant improvements in IT hardware and software, the application challenges faced by datacenter infrastructure teams continue to mount. Differently from the more standardized workloads of web service providers, most enterprises run a diverse set of business applications. Over time this has generated silos of IT infrastructure, leading to low utilization and other inefficiencies.

Also, the overall IT complexity has increased, making more difficult to plan for resources and manage the entire infrastructure. Complexity has led to the adoption of process frameworks such as ITIL to bring discipline and manageability to IT service delivery. These frameworks, however, added further layers of cost and rigidity, slowing down service delivery and making the organization less agile.

The growing demand for IT services within the enterprise has increased concerns for energy consumption and space utilization, and has also pushed to move services onto the cloud. To make the most of the cloud, enterprises need on premises infrastructure that spans both worlds—be able to accommodate both traditional enterprise while facilitating the ability to move workloads and data back and forth.

Least but not last, the increase of quantity and importance of data requires improved ways to manage it and extract real business value from it.

KALEAO solutions helps enterprises to:

  • reduce CAPEX by delivering more performance per $ and more flash storage per $
  • consolidate infrastructure thanks to the “true” converged nature of KALEAO systems
  • eliminate management silos and at the same time make deployment and management of IT infrastructure more streamlined leveraging on appliance simplicity and unified single pane of glass management
  • power up data analytics with more storage performance and capacity
  • reduce power consumption with 4 x less energy
  • reduce space occupancy with up to 10x less space

Lower TCO for enterprise IT

KALEAO systems are uniquely positioned to reduce IT infrastructure TCO by up to 60%, with a reduction of CAPEX by 55%, compared to x86 blade servers or hyperconverged software solutions.

They combine the flexibility and manageability advantage of hyperconvergence, with the low power consumption and high density that the ARM based KALEAO architecture is able to bring..

Simplify IT

A single KMAX true converged appliance can simultaneous run different workloads, including application servers, web servers, intranet services, file storage, messaging and collaboration, data and data analytics workloads – without having to overprovision compute, storage and network to maintain long-term performance. This helps consolidation and decreases costs.

KMAX can come pre-integrated with virtualization, orchestration software and industry grade app installation/deployment ready. This increases IT manageability and allows easier scalability.

The hyperconverged functionality of the KMAX solution eliminates under-utilized application silos and consolidates multiple workloads on to a single dense and energy efficient platform, using up to 80% less space and 70% less energy.

The use of flash storage, a lightweight ultra-performant “Micro Visor” virtualization platform and hardware acceleration improves performance.

The KALEAO high capacity, dense, cost effective, enterprise class all flash storage allows perfect support for a lot of data workloads requiring performance and reliability, like business analytics and “big data” management.


ARM based true converged solutions

Kaleao systems are converged servers based on ARM. They can be used as compute, storage or network servers. For those IT organization that have a consolidated data center architecture and just want ARM based servers or storage to lower CAPEX and save on space and energy bills, KALEAO systems can be delivered in their simpler server edition for a rapid adoption of all KALEAO benefits.

Bring Web Scale to the enterprise datacenter

Taking clues from web giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, converged, web-scale infrastructures combine compute, network and storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that eliminate many critical points of deploying and managing IT resources.

Web scale IT helps organizations to reduce time to market for IT services and lower infrastructure costs while increasing agility, improving their ability to stimulate IT culture change and boosting quality of service. Cloud leaders replace expensive, proprietary storage, networking, and servers with uniform building blocks that are flexible and highly scalable.

KALEAO solutions enable efficient Web Scale, proposing a distributed compute and storage architecture and allowing IT organizations to scale indefinitely but predictively from a few servers and lower storage capacities to thousands of servers and petabytes of storage, maintaining manageability and cost control.