Partner with Kaleao

Kaleao’s business model gives a central place to partnership. We value partners coming from different areas in the industry and are eager to work with us to create solutions that fulfill market needs in innovative ways.


KALEAO makes your customer’s datacenters modern, agile and efficient, leveraging innovation, lower operational costs and scalability to better fulfil demand and business needs and ultimately create competitive advantage for their organizations.

KALEAO partners with technology providers, VARs, system integrators and ISVs to create synergies and alliances that generate strong mutual value.


Good reasons to partner for VARs and system integrators

Beat competition. KALEAO offers solutions based on an innovative, advanced and strong technology. While this technology is transparent to the users and hence it is accessible with no steep adoption curves, it ensures for your customers performance, scalability, density and efficiency advantages that nobody else can guarantee.

Differentiate. KALEAO offers solutions that are truly unique. It is the only company to propose hyperconverged solutions based on ARM, which makes it possible to reap mobile markets advantages. It is the only company to have a proprietary IP on the technology that introduces concepts like “true convergence” and  “physicalization”.

Deliver. KALEAO technology is innovative, advanced but not exotic. It is based on standard components that guarantee compatibility and it is invisible to users. KALEAO gives you the next generation infrastructure without limiting your capacity of delivering it.

Complete offering. KALEAO systems are flexible and open. KMAX, the KALEAO flagship product, comes in 2 editions, server and appliance, offering both a flexible and open platform as well as a pre integrated solution for rapid deployment of hyperconverged functionality.

Enablement. KALEAO empowers its commercial partners all the means required to promote, deliver and support the KALEAO products in any part of the world.


Good reasons to partner for technology partners and ISVs

Create value. KALEAO technology can enrich your products or solutions with the value coming from an advanced and unique set of technologies that will help you to differentiate.

Synergies. KALEAO has the ability to integrate your technology into our platforms. We look for strong synergies, both technical and commercial, to get more efficiency, density, performance while reducing cost.

R&D orientation. KALEAO is R&D driven. We partner with technology providers both in internal or in external R&D projects, over and beyond government funded ones.

Roadmap. KALEAO has strong and truly forward looking technology and product roadmaps.


Becoming a partner

If you are interested in becoming Kaleao partner, please contact us through our contact page.