KALEAO Opens First Testing Facility in Italy

KALEAO to work with Paradigma to host KALEAO systems; startups to use Paradigma’s lab for KMAX trials, POCs and benchmarks


CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – October 30, 2018  – KALEAO, the technologically innovative server solutions company, today announced Paradigma will host the first testing facility in Italy for KALEAO systems, allowing startups to use the Paradigma lab for trials, POCs and benchmarks. KALEAO will unveil its Paradigma testing facility in Padova on Friday, November 9th where it will present the technical and commercial collaboration between the two companies. 


“We are pleased to welcome KALEAO to our facility, where we support cutting-edge companies, start-ups and freelancers, enabling them to make their solutions available to the community, said Gianpaolo Ferrarin, co-founder of Paradigma. “We call our spaces an ecosystem that provides companies with the room, literally and figuratively, to create the innovations that revolutionize everyday life. We look forward to having KALEAO solutions on site.”


The KALEAO event at Paradigma will begin at 11 am local time and feature speakers Julian Chesterfield, Founder & CEO, Sunlight.io and John Goodacre, CSO, KALEAO. A demo of KALEAO’s flagship offering KMAX, Appliance Edition will also be conducted by Julian Chesterfield and Hazeef Mohammed, VP of Engineering at KALEAO.


KALEAO’s “true converged,” KMAX product line is hyperconverged infrastructure; a software-defined platform integrating compute, storage and networking, deployed one chassis at a time. KMAX is offered in four configurations, delivering up to 10 times the compute density of other hyperconverged offerings while consuming a quarter of the power.


“Securing a space at Paradigma to offer our KMAX for consumption is the next logical step in KALEAO’s evolution. This is the perfect venue to introduce the KMAX value proposition to companies looking to create high performance data centers, that are also scalable, energy efficient and save floor space,” said John Goodacre, CSO, KALEAO. “Opening up our new test center means the world of KMAX and hyperconverged computing becomes bigger and more available. We are looking forward to seeing the KMAX testing take place at Paradigma.”


Paradigma is located at Viale dell'Industria 19, 35129 Padova, Italy.


KALEAO is spearheading the new generation of enterprise and cloud computing by natively converging computation, storage, networking and virtualization into compact, energy efficient, transparent, integrated hardware and software solutions. The KMAX portfolio offers true converged infrastructure in an extremely compact, scalable and low power platform. KMAX provides all the benefits of hyperconvergence with advanced software defined hardware and integrated appliance level web-scale application delivery and management platform. KMAX delivers more for less, enabling the effortless deployment and management of the services required across the cloud and modern business. Find out more about the KMAX portfolio and KALEAO at www.kaleao.com
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