KMAX Options

KMAX platform supports various options to optimize the solution so to provide the capabilities and the configuration that best fit the application and deployment needs. KALEAO defines a scalable system architecture where each of the key computing resources has an equal peer relationship, allowing the storage, network and compute resources to offer the capabilities that best fit the application needs.

The KMAX product can also be configured to fit the deployment requirement, such the size of the system and physical, power, cooling and network requirements of the environment in which it will be deployed.




The KMAX components can be selected with the best capabilities to emphasise different demands of the target application. This will include for example the class of processor, its memory and caching options, or the type of storage required, whether it will be focused towards read dominant or balanced read/write access patterns.




KMAX system also supports various configuration to deliver its selected capabilities into the physical environment This includes selecting the blade with the appropriate capabilities, the capacity required for the converged storage and the total networking bandwidth the embedded switch exposes on the front panel. The physical infrastructure can also be configured.