KMAX as a Server Platform

The Server Edition of KMAX provides the world’s first 64-bit ARM based converged server solution that natively provides the cost and power benefits of integrating all computing resources, using embedded methodologies, from the device, the motherboard and up to the chassis. 
Each KMAX Server platform delivers an optimum solution for compute, storage and network services with the required software flexibility and scalability to fulfill the most demanding of custom server workloads.
192x8-core servers in 3U space
Less than 15W per physical server
Over 10M available IOPS per 3U chassis
Port configurations up to 960Gbit/s per 3U chassis


KMAX server offers:


  • Complete KMAX hardware platform with full selection of options and configurations
  • Open source Linux platform for ARM-based application development and deployment
  • Server and platform image management and maintenance
  • Local, Web and IPMI chassis system management interfaces
  • Dual independent network interface per server socket with an aggregate 5Gb/s bandwidth
  • Dedicated share of any installed local SSD NVMe device per server socket at 500MB/s
  • Additional 64/128/256GB (option) of local flash storage per server socket


Low energy compute. KMAX leverages compute devices built using the latest 14nm manufacturing process, arranged using ARM big.LITTLE technology and power management capabilities typically engineered for battery operated devices.  This optimized design reduces energy waste during idle periods while minimizing the energy consumption required for any specific workload.


Open Platform. Each of the 192 8-core servers in the single chassis has the ability to host a single operating system image with Ubuntu 16.04 LTE server offering a rich repository of applications and frameworks.  As an open platform the specific function and utilization of network and storage resources is open to customer configuration.  Each server is presented as a traditional 8-core SMP platform with dual network ports and two local block storage devices.


Software Compatibility. KMAX preserves the full out-of-the-box open-source compatibility with the broad repository of software applications and environments available from the Linux-based community and the ARM-based platform.


System Management. The KMAX server provides interface to deploy server images across the installation.  The independent 1Gb/s chassis management network provides management and system access across the chassis, and provide local, web, and IPMI based access to the chassis for upgrades and system monitoring.


Minimize cabling - Embedded Ethernet Switch. Each of the sixteen 8-core servers on a blade connect to an embedded 10-40Gb/s Ethernet switch. This provides both local switching for low latency sharing of blade level resources and also the ability to route up to 2x 40Gb/s to the front of the blade.  The blade-stacker [Add link to options page] options allow these switches to be aggregated into a single larger switch allowing an entire chassis to share its resources and interface to the outside through as little as two cables.


Local Storage. Each KMAX 8-core server has two block-storage devices.  An 64/128/256GB flash device sustaining over 500MB/s over a low power dedicated link and quarter-share of the higher IOPS, NVMe based flash device sustaining around 500MB/s. Applications on each 8-core server are open to use and share these resources in any many they require.