True convergence


Converged, hyperconverged and true-converged

  • Converged - Interconnection of pieces

    Coverged infrastructure: interconnected stand-alone hardware components in a cluster architecture

  • Hyperconverged - Aggregation of pieces

    Hyperconveged infrastructure: software-enabled integration of standard hardware components in a storage-centric traditional architecture

  • True Converged - Fusion of pieces

    True converged infrastructure: harwdware and software integration within a natively converged architecture


How it works?

New hardware is added to the system. Compute, storage and network resources are “physicalized” i.e. logic interfaces are created dynamically in hardware through special devices based on FPGAs.
The added physical resources are organized in global shared pools of disaggregated converged resources. Disaggregated because they are independent from each other, converged because they are natively converged on the same device and deployed over a distributed architecture.  
The Microvisor is presented with the physical device representations (physicalized) which it pins into the guest VM, creating a dynamic software controlled association between the physical devices and the VM  
The VM can use the physical resources of compute, storage and networking with flexibility, dynamically adding and subtracting them  


True convergence is possible because of 3 fundamental components that provide the technological substrate to the approach: hardware architecture, physicalization and software



KALEAO leverages ARM open design to optimize KMAX mother board for high density and power efficiency. KMAX is the first server platform in the world to implement ARM big.LITTLE technology that maximizes energy efficiency.

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Physicalization is based on the idea to achieve virtualization effectiveness through a software controlled, hardware accelerated use of resources.

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Intelligent software like the KALEAO Microvisor and consolidated platforms like Open Stack are integrated on KMAX to complete the true converged vision

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