Intelligent software like the KALEAO Microvisor and consolidated platforms like Open Stack are integral part of the KMAX true converged vision

The Microvisor

The Microvisor is a small footprint, highly efficient and performant Type 1 hypervisor. It can provide the maximum amount of hardware resource for applications whilst consuming the least amount in management overhead.


The Microvisor is the default KMAX hypervisor, developed from Xen Project on the base of the conjunct KALEAO/OnApp technology.


It enables booting and running of server workloads with bare metal CPU, storage and network IO performance - but with the full flexibility and manageability of a virtual machine.
The Microvisor has been custom designed to be extremely efficient and high performance. In comparison to any other hypervisor options, the performance of the Microvisor is higher, especially regarding I/O due to the integration of I/O logic in the KMAX FPGAs.


The other aspect is footprint. The Microvisor is an extremely small and light Type 1 hypervisor, which makes it much less invasive and much more suitable to keep bare metal latencies.


If your concern is virtualization running over ARM, the Microvisor is an effective answer.




Open Stack

Another important component of the true converged architecture is Open Stack, which comes embedded in the KMAX appliance edition. KALEAO platform KMAX also exposes Open Stack APIs for an easy connection with third party applications.


Integrating Opens Stack in their products, KALEAO leverages the openness, flexibility and the constantly expanding wealth of orchestration and management features and functions that an industry leading solution brings.




KMAX integration

KALEAO integrates the On App leading infrastructure management solution to provide hyperconverged functionality and management capability to KALEAO platforms.


This is complemented by the KMAX user interface which allows easy and rapid control over the entire infrastructure.
In the KMAX appliance edition all software is seamlessly pre-integrated with the hardware platform to provide a turn key extremely efficient and effective solution for the modern workloads in cloud computing, web hosting, big data analytics and IoT.