Low power true converged infrastructure

In the drive to minimize cost, KALEAO has designed the KMAX portfolio, a hyperconverged integrated software and hardware platform, extremely compact and low power. KMAX systems provides the full benefits of hyper convergence leveraging advanced software defined hardware and appliance level web-scale application delivery and management.

KMAX solutions are compatible with the vast open source Linux-based software ecosystem available for the ARM platforms, while natively supporting Open Stack along with the additional richness of an industry standard application stores, like Ubuntu JuJu Charms.


The KMAX-HD system is the first platform released by KALEAO, targeted to high density applications, especially for cloud service providers supporting huge numbers of transactions, where responsiveness, performance and privacy are vital.



Compute in 3U chassis
2GHz ARM Cortex-A57/A53
192x 8-core servers
Less than 15W per physical server

Storage in 3U chassis
Up to 370TB of flash storage
100 GB/s total bandwidth
Over 10M available IOPS

Network in 3U chassis
Port configurations up to 960Gbit/s
Dual Ethernet ports per server
Integrated 1.97 tera-bit switching



A unique approach to hyperconverged infrastructure

KALEAO KMAX systems represent the realization of everything hyperconvergence promises. Delivering more for less, with the technological complexity removed from the IT department. KMAX enables the effortless deployment and management of the services required across the cloud and modern business.


Extending the efficiencies of the web-scale approach to the deployment of compute, storage and networking hardware resources, the KMAX system software can provide for appliance-level simplicity to application deployment and management, or the raw flexibility of a open server platform for advanced service development and deployment.


Today’s hyper converged offerings are based on general purpose hardware and are often forced into an uncomfortable form-factor that can only emulate, through additional expensive 3rd party virtualization software, the illusion of the global resource pools required to be a truly converged platform.  Further, the additional cycles required to run this software stack eats your valuable core performance while unproductively increasing your consumption of power.


Also, with these virtualized hyperconverged systems, it is impossible provide any  guaranteed performance or predictability to an application’s behavior due to the approach of resource sharing in virtualization and the influence of one application has on the access to resources of another application.


KALEAO solutions brings a new approach to virtualization in a hyperconverged platform, a technology known as physicalization,  that combines the guaranteed performance and energy efficiency of dedicated bare metal resources with the flexibility and agility of a fully software defined virtual infrastructure.


This is possible thanks to Kaleao innovative of global resource pooling and the physicalization of resources through software defined hardware, the intimate hardware level combination of ARM based computing, the latest NVMe based flash storage and embedded integration high bandwidth network switching. Software defined hardware through “physicalization” is the answer to the virtualization trade-off between management flexibility and the system’s capabilities, performance and agility.


The KMAX advantage

Up to 4x less energy per workload maximizing resource utilization and reducing your energy bill.
KMAX is the first ARMv8-A server to extend the extreme power efficiency of ARM big-LITTLE technology to the datacenter. The inherent power efficiency of ARM technology required for battery operation, the optimized energy-aware KMAX architecture along with  its unique resource utilization management system and a zero-overhead physicalization make the KMAX unmatched in energy efficient computing.
Over 10x compute density – less space needed to deliver more compute infrastructure.
Building on the inherent low power consumption and advanced power management strategies, KMAX further reduces the operation cost of infrastructure by delivering the highest consolidated server-class compute density available. Packing 1,536 processor cores and 48x slots for up to 370TB of high bandwidth NVMe based flash storage in a single 3U chassis.
Delivers up to 10x as many application operations per chassis.
Software defined hardware through physicalization of the delivery of virtualized resources, minimizing overheads and maintaining the bare metal performance available to the application. Low latency storage and high bandwidth networking arranged in a non-blocking manner are kept independent of the application processor load further maximizing total system performance.
Provision infrastructure on demand
KMAX systems allow growth across compute, storage and network by simply adding resources with a building-block-like efficiency. The additional resources, simply appearing in the global pool of available resources, are managed through the OpenStack based orchestration platform to enable seamless application deployment to a massive scalability.
Leverage  compatibility
KALEAO selects components with market-proven reliability and uses them to build the unique value of the KMAX solution. KMAX preserves full out-of-the-box compatibility with the broad ecosystem of software applications and environments available from the open-source community and ARM-technology based devices.
Eliminates virtualization side-channel flaws
In addition to hardware secured boot, KMAX system architecture offers the setting for full hardware-level independence and non-blocking operation between applications on each server, network and storage resource to increase security and remove contention of the execution environments when needed.
Share anything at hardware level
Through physicalization, KMAX provides a distinctive resource-sharing capability that permits resource aggregation at a physical level. Bare metal pools of networking and storage can be flexibly allocated to specific applications, with enough physical processor cores to remove the need for over-commit on compute
Reduce single points of failure
Due to the high processing core density of KMAX, the ratio between the number of application domains required to share a physical core to realize a return on the hardware investments are significantly lower than those typical in todays x86 based system.  This approach not only limits the impact of any failure, but also ensures each application can receive the full GHz performance potential of the assigned processor.
Administration agility
KALEAO’s appliance system integrates compute, storage, networking resources with a pre-installed and fully integrated software stack for the effortless deployment and management of application services with a plug and play simplicity.  Together with built-in hyperconverged functionality, this enables an increase in the efficiency of IT staff while reducing the need for expertise-silos, minimizing deployment time and increasing overall system manageability.


SMART COMPUTING is the idea that a computer system provides the intelligence to focus the physical resources to perform the actual computation while reducing overheads and “waste”. This approach maximizes the computing per dollar spent and the space occupied. KALEAO systems are delivered through a rational design philosophy that minimizes data movement, power conversion inefficiencies, the costs of cooling hot spots, wastage of cycles of virtualization, component  placement and other associated electronics interactions that are not directly useful to computation, storage and communication.


Using the mature and proven power delivery technologies from the telecommunication infrastructure markets, as opposed of the power choices inherited PC platform, the KMAX chassis is fed by a 48v DC supply, not only does this remove significant cost associated with the local delivery of current, it also removes the additive inefficiencies of local AC-DC conversion while opening up the opportunity for direct integration of eco-friendly, highly efficient DC-DC supply from renewables sources.  Ask KALEAO for further details of hybrid, battery, renewable and traditional power options, or for solutions that are to be deployed in harsh environments.